Everyone Has A Heart


The Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation

wants to help you exorcise your winter blues by opening your heart

to the many physical and emotional benefits of creating something

wonderful -- a heart image -- and giving it away.

Whether the heart symbol was initially used to represent a physical heart, or

the emotional and spiritual center of the body, it has become an icon of

romantic, filial or brotherly love. That is why the SCMAAF Garden Tour

Committee has chosen to sell paintings of hearts at this springs Garden Tour,

our 25th. The paintings will serve as a visual representation of our mission to

improve the lives of those in need. 

We’re asking members of our medical community and their family members

to fill a canvas with an image of a heart. Any medium can be used: drawing,

collage, painting, photography, or whatever moves you. The only requirement

is that your magnum opus fit on the 8” x 8”canvas that we provide.

The heart images will then be sold during this spring’s Garden Tour for

$50 each.

No prior art experience is required to participate in the

Everyone has a Heart campaign. So, let loose the child inside of you

and live in the moment by painting or drawing something by hand. In

art there are no mistakes. You can let yourself go and be absorbed by

the act of creation. By doing so, you will earn the heart-warming

knowledge that you have helped a number of nonprofit

organizations across Sonoma County. That knowledge might even help

you kick the winter blues to the curb.

To participate in the Everyone Has a Heart campaign, cont

act Lynn Davis at 707-539-7008 or lynn@lynncdavis.com. The canvas will be

delivered to you.  All final pieces must be received by April 21.

April 21.

If you would like to sponsor, go to Garden Tour Sponsorship

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