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Physician families connecting to create a healthier Sonoma County by improving the lives of those in need

"We should dream of and plan for a day when

fewer children require foster care. But until that

day comes, we have a moral responsibility to

prepare young people leaving foster care ..."

                                                                       President Jimmy Carter

    Give-a-Gift Program        
Support a child in need & invest in the youth of our community

The 2017 Give-a-Gift Program campaign is currently underway.  This is the perfect time to help support our local foster youth NOW!

Your investment will quickly make a difference.  We provide holiday gifts to over 250 foster children who may otherwise not receive a gift at all. Additionally, we provide laptop computers to college-bound foster youth - an essential tool for success and much needed encouragement showing these young adults that our community believes in them!

This year's sponsor and donor levels include:

Buy a Computer Sponsor        ($650) Launch to college Donor ($200)
Change a life Sponsor        ($500) Brighten the holidays Donor  ($100)
Invest in our youth Sponsor ($300) Give-a-Gift Donor          ($75)

Donate by Credit Card: Click the green "Give-a-Gift Donation" button above and select the contribution of your choice.

Donate by Check: Please download this donation form and mail it to:

The Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation
Attention: Give-a-Gift
PO Box 1388
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Celebrating 10 Years of Computer Donations

On August 17, 2017, the SCMAAF awarded 27 laptop computers to college bound foster youth. This inspiring event took place in Bertolini Hall on the campus of Santa Rosa Junior College

The Give-a-Gift Program raised money to buy 27 computers for youth attending SRJC, community colleges in northern California, and even UCLA! We take pride in partnering with Best Buy; supporting our program by discounting computers and service and donating accessories. Four Geek Squad specialists attended the award day at the SRJC to help students install software and prepare their computers for fall semester.

 Despite many challenges, these students have made the decision to continue their education!  Laptop computers are a vital tool for academic success and future independence. With this type of community support, our laptop recipients have a greater chance of success!

Laura Robertson
Chair, Give-a-Gift Program

Program History

The Give-a-Gift program is proud to connect with our community to help improve the quality of lives for youth in our Foster Care System. The support we provide benefits children of all ages in the system. We focus on two initiatives:

  1. Lifting the spirits of children's lives during the Holiday season with cherished holiday gifts, including well needed winter coats and school supplies.
  2. Supporting education for transitional age youth with laptop computers, textbook funding and advisory support for foster youth programs.

Holiday Gifts

For over 60 years the SCMAA has coordinated directly with Sonoma County Family, Youth and Children's Division to provide holiday gifts during the Holiday season for children in foster care. Sonoma County Human Services Department

These children have entered the Foster Care System as a result of abuse, neglect or abandonment. They have been separated from their families through no fault of their own. This separation is particularly difficult during the holidays. The generosity of our supporters helps lessen their sadness during this season by providing gifts matched directly to their wishes. These gifts often provide essentials such as winter coats, clothing, books and school supplies. The SCMAA takes great pride in supporting these children who might otherwise not receive a gift at all.

A Growing Need

In 2007 we expanded the Give-a-Gift program in an effort to address some of the significant challenges faced by transitional age youth. (16-24 years old.) Between the ages of 18-21 years old, young adults age-out of the Child Welfare System. They lose funding and benefits that allow them to stay in foster family or group homes. Many of these youth never reunite with their families. Without housing, educational or emotional support, the future is challenging. The Give-a-Gift Program is dedicated to helping these transitional age youth in Sonoma County. We believe by continuing their education, our local foster youth have the greatest chance for success. Laptop computers are essential to help keep educational opportunities alive.

Fostering Futures

Our Success

This year, due to the generosity of our donors, we were able to provide 27 laptop computers to inspiring young adults pursuing secondary or vocational education. We collaborate directly with VOICES youth center and Santa Rosa Junior College to identify those students with the greatest need. Click here to read more about the SRJC program.

In 2015 we launched an initiative to expand our support to the new Foster Youth support program at Sonoma State University. Click here to read more about the Sonoma State program. We have donated four laptop computers to be used as rentals by their students. In 2016 we deepened our support by launching a Textbook Fund for qualifying Sonoma State students. Getting to college is one of the biggest challenges foster youth face, but financial challenges should not be what keeps them from succeeding!

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