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Each year certain extraordinary individuals

humble us with their unwavering commitment to

service and excellence - we thank you.

Allie Awards

2013 Allie Award Winners

Beautiful Day to Celebrate our Latest Allies Award Recipients

Thank you to all those Alliance members and guests who shared in celebrating our 2013 Allie Awards Luncheon. There was an atmosphere of inspiration and gratitude that surrounded not only our two award winners, Virginia (Gina) Merwin and Lisa Sugarman, but also the wonderful speakers who shared their personal stories of these two amazing women.

Each story that emerged told of the good works and long-standing commitment of these two superstar volunteers. It's always so humbling to hear about such extraordinary creativity and care that makes an impact within our organization and out in the community.

Our Outstanding Contribution to the Community award winner, Virginia Merwin (center) with her family.

Our Outstanding Contribution to the Alliance award winner, Lisa Sugarman with her family.

2012 Allie Award Winners

Pictured here are Shawn Devlin, Tricia Hunstock, Lisa Sugarman and Lindsay Mazur (left to right). Shawn and Lindsay were honored for their service to the community while Tricia was honored for her service to the Alliance. Lisa offers her warm congratulations.

Past Allie Award Winners

Outstanding Contribution
to the Alliance

Virginia Norman 2000
Lee Van Giesen 2001
Janet Shane 2002
Karen Hanahan 2003
Charlene Staples 2004
Shirley Hutchinson 2005
Janet Polson 2006
Peggy Price 2007
Colleen Meseroll 2007
Florence Johnson 2008
Karen Erickson 2009
Maria Pappas 2010
Patricia "Tricia" Hunstock 2012

Outstanding Contribution
to the Community

Marijke Byck Hoenselaars 2000
Lee Van Giesen 2001
Helen Rudee 2002
Mary Schroeder 2003
Marilyn Turner 2004
Sue Bisbee 2005
Dee Richardson 2006
Elisabeth Chicoine 2007
Karen Erickson 2009
Barbara Ramsay 2010
Shawn Devlin 2012
Lindsay Mazur 2012

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