Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation

Physician families connecting to create a healthier Sonoma County by improving the lives of those in need

President's Letter

July, 2018

A Time for Renewal

Dear Alliance Members,

After a year like this past one, your SCMAAF membership is more important than ever.

Imagine going through the last 12 months without your physician family community around you.

Moreover, imagine our community without the support of Alliance programs such as the Foster Children’s Give-a-Gift program, The Health Careers Scholarship, or the Safe Schools anti-bulllying program.

Your membership and participation in the Alliance makes all the difference to those programs — and to us. You are the engine that drives us. Your energy, compassion, empathy, and pride in Sonoma County and the medical community are valued and needed as we move forward to next year.

It’s not all about what you can do for the Alliance; it’s also about what we can do for you. Friendship, support and comeraderie are at the heart of this organization. Whether you’re new to the community, or you’ve been an SCMAAF member for years, the individuals of this unique community are here to laugh, cry and comiserate with you.

So, when that envelope arrives in your mailbox, don’t delay! Renew your membership and renew your bonds to our community.

We’re the Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation — and we’re here for you!        


Patty Lyn Tweten, SCMAA President

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