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Frequently Asked Questions about the Virtual Wine Tasting

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Is this event in person?

Sheesh! Do you think we're crazy? You will enjoy your tasting in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. No mask or dressing up required.

How does this "Virtual  Tasting" work?

      • Get cozy in front of your computer (for laptop owners, this is a snap), and open your wine
      • Log into the event with the Zoom link emailed to you
      • You'll be able to see everyone who wants to be seen in the virtual "tasting room"
      • The folks at Adobe Road Winery run the show and you can chat with or text others and the presenters
      • Kevin Buckler, CEO and Owner, will share stories about his racing career, and, if we're lucky, we might see some in-car video of an actual "hot lap"
      • Garrett Martin, Winemaker, will guide us through the wine tasting and answer YOUR questions.
      • We'll have 1-1.5 hours to enjoy the tasting
      • If you don't know how to use Zoom, Patty Lyn Tweten, VP Marketing & Membership can help. Just contact her at, or (707) 799-8427

What does the registration fee of $160 include?

Everything! Your wines and a beautiful presentation box, tax, shipping, and a zoom link that will be emailed to you. The price reflects a15% discount on the wines and box.

OH! And, $160 covers EVERYONE in your home who wishes to attend (or as many folks as can sit in front of your computer). #DateNight #TwoForOne.

Who will be there?

Your friends from the Alliance and from the Medical Association (SCMA) plus anyone you wish to invite. Just email them this link.

Do I hafta pay online?

We know how you guys like payment options, but this time we just can't do it. In order to accurately coordinate the wine orders and shipping we must take all information online. If you have questions, please do ask Patty Lyn Tweten,

Note: Payment is due with registration.

How and when do I get my wine?

Your wine will be shipped to the address you give at registration the week before the tasting. You'll get the Zoom link via email.

How does this benefit Health Careers Scholarship?

We've built a very little extra into the registration price. PLUS, we'll take a few minutes to highlight the scholarship fund and its successes. 

I want to know everything!

Luckily, we created a landing page that tells you all about the wines and the presenters. Just click here. You can also contact Patty Lyn Tweten with questions.

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